Honorary Trustees

Helene L. Kaplan

Newton N. Minow

Past Trustees



President's Office

Vartan Gregorian, President, Carnegie Corporation of New York

Jeanne D'Onofrio, Chief of Staff, Office of the President

Sheila Enright, Coordinator of Correspondence and Special Projects

Greta Essig, Manager of Fellowship Programs & Special Projects


International Peace and Security

Deana Arsenian, Vice President, International Program and Program Director, Russia and Eurasia

Stephen J. Del Rosso, Program Director, International Peace & Security

Hillary S. Wiesner, Program Director for Transnational Movements and the Arab Region

Patricia Moore Nicholas, Program Officer, International Program

Carl Robichaud, Program Officer, International Peace & Security

Nehal Amer, Program Analyst

Karim Kamel, Program Analyst

Noelle Pourrat, Program Analyst

Aaron Stanley, Program Analyst

Eugene Scherbakov, Research Associate



LaVerne Evans Srinivasan, Vice President, National Program and Program Director, Education

Saskia Levy Thompson, Program Director, New Designs to Advance Learning

Jim Short, Program Director, Leadership and Teaching to Advance Learning

Ambika Kapur, Program Officer, National Program

Farhad Asghar, Program Officer, Pathways to Postsecondary Success

Constanza Lafuente, Program Analyst

Elise Henson, Program Analyst

Marisa Siroka, Program Analyst

Ashley Arana, Program Assistant

Alexandra Cox, Program Assistant

Samantha Vargas, Program Assistant


Higher Education and Research in Africa

Deana Arsenian, Vice President, International Program and Program Director, Russia and Eurasia

Stephen J. Del Rosso, Program Director, International Peace & Security

Claudia Frittelli, Program Officer, Higher Education & Research in Africa, International Program

Andrea Johnson, Program Officer, Higher Education and Research in Africa and Peacebuilding in Africa

Alloya Elwadie, Program Assistant


Strengthening Democracy

Geri Mannion, Program Director, U.S. Democracy and Special Opportunities Fund

Andrew Geraghty, Program Analyst

Joseph J. Jung, Program Assistant



Robert J. Seman, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Junia B. Perez, Controller

Jean R. Laraque, Senior Accountant

Nicole Howe Buggs, Chief Administrative Officer and Corporate Secretary

Bonnie Rivers, Associate Corporate Secretary and Associate Director, Grants and Records Management

Michelle Napoli, Associate Director, Human Resources



Kim Y. Lew, Vice President and Chief Investment Officer

Brooke Jones, Director of Investments

Alisa Mall, Director of Investments

Ken Lee, Director of Investments

Jon-Michael Consalvo, Associate Director of Risk Management

Jacqueline Guttman, Investment Analyst

Michael Burns, Investment Operations Manager

Lindsay Fenga, Investment Operations Associate


Information Technology

Robert Rosenthal, Director, Information Technology and Office Services

Yotaro Sherman, Associate Director of Information Technology



Julia Weede, Chief Communications and Digital Strategies Officer

Celeste Ford, Director of External Relations

Mary Kate Boughton, Director of Digital Engagement Strategies

Daniel Kitae Um, Principal Design Director

Michael Rettig, Communications Officer

Debra Wexler, Communications Officer

Khafra Crooks, Digital Strategies Producer

Catriona Whalley, Social Media Marketing Manager